Christmas Marketing Ideas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I’m not gonna lie; I absolutely love the holiday vibes, the cheesy storylines, the Harry Potter movies, and the overall wholesome sparkles.

What I also love about Christmas is my marketing job. It’s refreshing when our timelines turn red, and all websites release holiday-specific products.

I know it can be challenging to capture shoppers’ attention, given the number of holiday promotions they are bombarded with.

🎁 Not sure where to start? Here are some Christmas marketing campaign ideas.

Share Christmas Updates

It is best to spread as much cheer as possible during the holiday season through your socials or your website. Christmas and wholesome vibes are a match made in heaven!

Christmas PPC Ad Campaign

In the world of Google AdWords, the majority of traffic to your website comes from rankings, keyword placement, and online ads. Adding PPC and Ad campaigns to your eCommerce ideas is a fast way to rise.

Host a Holiday Contest

Holidays contests are one of Instagram’s best marketing ideas for apparel pages. And they require the least amount of work. All you need to do is introduce a Christmas-specific hashtag or a filter.

Create a Santa Wish List

A Santa wish list is a fantastic opportunity to showcase various products or services. Group product pictures and post them as a carousel on your feed.

Send Christmas Cards

In the digital world today, it is effortless to send holiday greeting cards. Focus on getting the card out as soon as possible so people can consider you for their gift list.

Offer Holiday Downloadables

Give professionals in your field or fans an inside of your business journey by offering downloadables. This could be an ebook, a set of templates, or even a guide highlighting different strategies.

Irresistible Christmas Deals

Offer special discounts throughout the month. Come up with a theme like ‘product of the day’, and offer some cheers and confetti to fit this holiday.

Spread the sparkles!

So what are your Christmas marketing ideas?

If you want to talk some more about this, we’re waiting for your DM on Instagram.

Your biggest fan,
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