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We craft experiences

simple or intricate

realistic or imaginative

delicate or courageous

We create stories

clear or complex

occasional or persistent

balanced or extravagant



A small group with big ideas. We're a bit of everything packed in a remote team with contrasting backgrounds and intercultural understanding. Always searching, always learning, ever evolving.


Brainstorming is our favorite recreational activity. Besides that, we work on visual identity, website optimization, content marketing and social media strategy. Some of us also have a soft spot for photography.



Beach houses and sports cars. Traveling the world. And of course, applying strategy, creativity and technology to bridge the gap between brands and their clients while finding inspiration in every step of the process.

Always creative, always online, always on the move
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creating visual experiences and authentic stories for your website and online presence


We build brands and shape reputations. We craft your brand's message in the form of brand guidelines for design, style, and tone.

Brand strategy & story

Visual identity, key visuals packages, and brand guidebook


Since a website represents a digital business card, we vow to create an attractive, responsive and unique website that communicates your brand’s values.

WordPress-powered websites and shops

Admin & maintenance


Our approach is focused on creating and distributing relevant content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Visual content

Storytelling and copywriting


By using the traditional or digital pen, we create illustrations that bring your ideas to life for websites, magazines and books.

Traditional illustrations
Digital illustrations


We improve the aspects of your website that contribute to traffic and conversions by increasing its visibility on web search engines.

SEA, SEM (keyword research; testing; analysis)

Google Ads (retargeting; keywords; display ads)


We boost your social presence by scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content on social media platforms. Plus, we’re open to teach you what we’re doing.

Strategy, social presence management & content

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more

JOC Studio - Flexible, bold, dedicated


The best business advice we ever got was “jump in feet first”! And that’s what we did. We’re a digital nomad crew with a severe caffeine addiction, passionate about branding & marketing. So, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary pals, that’s how JOCstudio was built. With blood, sweat, and tears (we kid you not)!

We think life ends when we stop learning, so we’re working to keep boosting our knowledge day by day. Chances are you’ll find us either obsessing about the new Instagram updates or drafting up freebies for our online friends, like marketing-related blog posts or online presence makeover giveaways.

Every day we do our best to improve our internal process while shadowing each other and learning by talking it out, but also by osmosis. We work, laugh, and wine (only off schedule, we swear)!

Together we are a content architecture team, enthusiastically collaborating on projects that focus on ethical and ecological responsibility movements. What we enjoy the most is activating within new business launches and start-ups. We can help you build a solid visual identity, develop & optimize your website, create a content marketing & social media strategy; implement it all, and stick around for maintenance needs.

Part of our mission is to share our knowledge with other businesses so that everyone gets the most out of their digital presence. We’re here to help you with tips, tricks, and knock-knock jokes. That’s why we’re pretty active on our marketing blog, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium.

Plus, our newsletter is filled with valuable resources to assist with your digital marketing efforts. But, hey, as you can see, all of us are pretty chatty, so we’re gonna share other stories from time to time. Subscribe here if you’re up for that!

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I've worked with Oana for several years now and really appreciate her scientific research background and knowledge. The content she's provided for my business has been valuable not only to share with my clients but also to arm myself with additional knowledge as well.

Jen Lucas

YanYinHealth founder
We enjoyed working with JOCstudio due to their expertise, experience, and great communication. Their team's copywriting skills are very on point since they wrote fantastic articles for us and improved the storytelling on our website. In addition, JOCstudio's visual identity design skills were top-notch. They helped us revamp our branding and created a cohesive look across our website. Thank you for always being open to suggestions. We couldn't be happier with the results!

Patrick Dancos

QualityVerified co-founder
Working with Deni was a great experience. She is a gem and incredibly knowledgeable about website design and created a user-friendly website for my business that not only looks great, but is also easy to navigate. Throughout the entire process, she was always responsive and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend her services!

Ferry Scharn

LeStingPiercing founder
If I had to start my business again, I would still choose JOCstudio. Oana did an amazing job with the launch on social media. We created the strategy together, and she explained every step of the way. When it comes to text content for my website, Stefana was magnificent. She understood the voice behind the brand and delivered unbelievable texts. Denisa created the logo and visuals for my brand. She read my mind because she perfectly transfigured my vision. Everything was exactly how I imagined it!

Roxana Oros

EdvaBeauty founder
Stefana is one of the most creative people I know (and I know a few). She did magic for our website. She is our top choice forever. We also worked in the same company for some time, and she is a reliable colleague and friend.

Dana Spătar

Alte Flori founder




The Big Cheese know-it-all
A lot of brand strategy and storytelling, with a sweet tooth for Instagram marketing. Constantly on her phone, writing posts, replying to e-mails, and sleeping less than it should be legal. Always open to discussing environmental issues after two glasses of wine. She's the biologist who chose to go digital. Find her on LinkedIn, Instagram and oanacorina.com


Visual Facilitator
Graphic designer by training, interdisciplinary artist by vocation. Loves to tinker and find innovative solutions. Appreciative of gardening and solidarity. Focusing on visual creation, from online presence and visual identity to photography and illustration. Find her on Instagram and soon on scrijelit.design


Wizard of Digital
Warm-hearted content & copywriter with an endless passion for storytelling. SEO geek and experienced digital marketer with data well kept in her pocket. Always with a book in her purse. Animal lover and rescuer. Ghostwriting her own cats. Active listener, able to empathize even with mosquitos. Find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and her website.
Madalina jocstudio marketing and branding agency


Social Fairy
Eccentric digital marketer with an artsy heart. Forever dancing to a different tune, here to sprinkle your brand with a touch of fun and a pinch of quirk. Mental health advocate and a bit too obsessed with her pets. Takes her job very seriously, herself… not so much. Find her on LinkedIn.


The Pixel Queen
Caricaturist by day and draughtsman by night. Short with a bit of a temper. Slightly obsessed with film and analogue photograhy, very addicted to Red Hot. Often doing leatherwork when she takes a break from illustrating books during the weekends. Find her on Instragam and Facebook.