When Oana Corina Jelea, Brand Strategist and founder of JOCstudio, first approached Denisa Nistor, Senior Graphic Designer, she had a logo and a vision—to cultivate a vibrant branding and marketing agency that collaborates with projects championing ethical movements and igniting innovation in new businesses and start-ups.

Guided by creativity and purpose and joined by Stefana Sopco, Senior Copywriter; Madalina Muntean, Senior Social Media Marketer; and Corina Pacurar, Illustrator and Photographer, we crafted a content architecture agency that thrives on collaborative synergy.

With meticulous attention to detail, we pieced together the elements of this cohesive brand identity, each component carefully chosen and refined to reflect the essence of who we are and what we stand for—colorful, dynamic, and overflowing with boundless energy, we are a team constantly driven by the thirst for knowledge and growth.

We have curated the essence of JOCstudio into a vibrant and spirited palette, infusing our brand and marketing with an irresistible aura of playfulness and radiance. It is a process of evolution, a journey of self-discovery that matures in perfect synchrony with the evolving needs of our agency.

Today, you can find JOCstudio sparkling across various platforms—social media, blogs, newsletters, and even a digital sanctuary for Guest Creators. Our online presence is a burst of sunshine, radiating warmth and joyfulness, all while sharing everything we learn in the branding and marketing environment along the way.

Our journey is ongoing, fueled by the passion and dedication of every team member. We continue to evolve, adapt, and innovate, driven by our shared vision of making meaningful impacts and inspiring positive change through our work.

Project Manager: Oana Corina Jelea
Visual Identity: Denisa Nistor
Logo: Mihai Munteanu
Website Creation: Denisa Nistor
Brand Storytelling: Oana Corina Jelea & Ștefana Sopco
Illustrations: Corina Păcurar
Newsletter: Mădălina Muntean & Oana Corina Jelea & Denisa Nistor
Social Media Marketing: Oana Corina Jelea & Denisa Nistor
Blog Contributors: Oana Corina Jelea & Ștefana Sopco & Mădălina Muntean
Ads: Mădălina Muntean