Smartflow Apps specializes in developing applications that empower inspectors to efficiently collect and interpret data. These tools facilitate advanced data analysis, aiding in the preparation for future events and predicting potential failures.Commissioned to enhance Smartflow’s suite of digital and print assets, our focus was on creating a series of whitepapers and presentation decks for use by Smartflow speakers, as well as printed materials for corporate events.
Our approach was methodical, beginning with conceptual sketches and evolving through several iterations based on client feedback. This process ensured that each deliverable not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, both in functionality and aesthetic appeal.The integration of the designed characters into Smartflow’s marketing materials has significantly enhanced brand recognition and engagement. This initiative was integral to supporting the company’s rebranding and communication strategies, both internally and externally.

This project offered profound insights into the dynamics of brand consistency across various media. It honed our skills in translating brand attributes into compelling visual formats, preparing us for future projects that demand high levels of brand fidelity and creative coherence.

*We had no role in the development of Smartflow’s visual identity. Our task was strictly confined to producing deliverables that adhered to the existing brand guidelines established by Smartflow.

Whitepapers and Presentations: Designed to reinforce Smartflow’s market position, these materials were tailored to communicate complex data in an accessible manner.
Character Illustrations: We developed two unique character illustrations, representing inspectors, which have become central to the visual narrative of Smartflow’s branding.
Roll-Up Banner Design: Crafted to stand out at industry events, these banners featured the newly designed characters and aligned with the overarching brand messaging.