LeSting Piercing, a warm and welcoming piercing studio nestled in Utrecht, approached JOCStudio seeking a rejuvenation of their online presence. In response, we embarked on a transformative journey, crafting not just a new website, but an entirely fresh digital experience.


Our mission was clear: to seamlessly guide visitors through the world of piercing, pricing information, captivating imagery, and ultimately lead them to the pivotal ‘Make an Appointment’ page, where essential details awaited to ensure a smooth session. Their rebranded visual was the fine line logo, elegant in its playfulness, so we set about to construct a coherent style from the studio’s imagery and real life feeling of friendliness and accessibility. Unlike other piercing studios, LeSting Piercing is inviting people regardless of their background and cultural preferences. Our website design harmoniously echoes these principles, boasting a vibrant color palette borrowed directly from the studio’s walls, complete with pastel nuances. Clean, minimalist typography and delicate fine-line borders seamlessly transpose the studio’s ethos into the digital realm.


The result? lestingpiercing.nl became the studio’s natural extension, guiding and inspiring visitors before and after their appointment at the studio.