Hofman Piercing required a brand that reflected its passion for piercing and its commitment to offering a premium experience. We started by identifying the core values of the brand, which included trust, safety, elegance and attention to detail. Using these as a foundation, we combined a refined colour palette, a grounded typographic system and the motive of a gold thin line to create a cohesive design system that exudes sophistication. The logo design was kept simple yet striking, symbolizing the precision and attention to detail that Hofman Piercing is renowned for.

In addition to the visual identity we also developed the website and webshop, to provide information about the piercing process and to show the diverse range of jewelry available. We focused on creating a clean, intuitive design, extensive documentation and a curated board that would inspire and educate those seeking to express themselves through body art.





By creating a premium brand that prioritizes artistic expression and individuality Hofman Piercing successfully launched in the premium piercing studio sector. The brand’s visual identity and website serve as a canvas for its creative vision and reflect its commitment to offering a personalized and exceptional experience for every client.