Five Questions To Ask Your Marketing Team And Why

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You will never know if you don't ask.

Welcome back. If you are here, it means you are working day and night to build a strong brand for yourself and for your organization—round of applause.

I was scrolling on Linkedin just a couple of minutes ago, and I came across many educational posts about content marketing, PR, and personal branding. I agree with most of them, but I know that many business owners would like to do marketing, or they would like to be involved in the marketing processes within the company, but they can’t because they don’t understand what their colleagues or their consultants are doing.

In this article, I will give you five questions you can use to ask your marketing team or the marketing agency you are working with so you’ll have a better idea of what in the heck they’re doing.

1. The what questions for your marketing team.

What are your major strengths in marketing?

Hey, it may sound like a question a recruiter would ask, but you need to understand your team’s capabilities. If you do not know that, how in the world would you know what they can do for you? Maybe you have people in your team that write amazing emails, but you’re not running any email marketing campaign. That’s a shame. Go ask everyone for a list of marketing strengths.

2. The how questions.

How do you put those strengths into practice for this organization?

It might come as a shock, but it shouldn’t. I worked for companies that have never used my storytelling talent and experience because they focused on micromanaging me and never cared to ask. The moment I left the company, I took a content writer job, and I increased the organic conversion rate with 20% only by writing blog posts like this one. Do you need more reasons? Give me a call. I have tons of examples. Grab a bottle of wine or beer. We do not judge here!

3. The "can you" questions.

Can you please show/explain to me what kind of campaigns you are currently running?

There is a reason for everything. Sometimes the reason is not good enough. Sometimes it lacks a goal. Sometimes all it needs is a little personal touch from the person in charge (that’s you). You will never know if you don’t ask. If you care about your organization’s marketing efforts, you will get up, close this blog (make sure you finish reading it), and go sit and chit chat with your marketing team. Understand the reasons why they’re running campaigns on LinkedIn and not on Facebook. 

It will help you understand why there’s more budget invested in one platform than in another, and maybe next time you will approve more. Who knows what happens once you understand marketing, right?

Can you please 'show me/ share with me' an overview of how many leads/ clients have these efforts brought in the last quarter?

Your marketing team is focusing on building a strong brand presence. You should understand that everything they do will increase your exposure. Also, content is king. Just as a reminder. But I know that for you, it might also be of huge importance how many qualified leads or customers have the marketing team’s efforts brought in, right? In the end, you want to see tangible results. Well, go on, ask them. If you like graphs, ask them to create some easy to understand excel graphs. 

God knows I build those every week. If you just want a number, ask for a number. 5? 10? Ok great. Have a nice day, ya’ll! But if you want to be involved, ask them how these leads are nurtured, what is the follow-up process, who from sales is concerned.

4. The "is it ok?" questions.

Is it ok if you keep me informed about your actions every two weeks? I'd like to understand marketing better.

Marketing people love talking about marketing. If they don’t, then they are not the ones for you. I, for once, can’t stop once I start. Do you want to know everything about SEO? 

That’s it, we’re booking a 2-weeks trip to Spain, and we’re going to make an SEO master of you. I am serious. If you want to know anything, just get in touch. 

Go ask your marketing team for information, and if you don’t know what information you need, ask them to make you understand what they’re doing. Be there for them, and they will always be there for you.

Easy to say. It takes a lot of responsibility and genuine care to do it. And I am not sarcastic. If your marketing department builds mechanical strategies based on zero understanding of feelings, you are up for a ‘business pandemic’ (wink wink).

Closing empathetic thoughts

Let’s wrap it out. I hope you are going to ask around for whatever you want to know. Fingers crossed and remember:

Nothing stands stronger than quality.

With care for your brand,
Stefana Sopco.



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