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Do you want to get clients from Instagram?

You don’t need 50k to monetize. It can happen anytime if you start building your brand’s awareness! This is how you gain more attention, leads, and conversions.

Social media is more about sociology than about hitting the sweet spots of the algorithm. You are addressing people, not machines.

Keep in mind that social media growth is a long-term strategy.

Put yourself out there.

Don’t be afraid to be personal. Talk about what you do. Talk about you. Talk, talk, talk. Even a great idea won’t sell itself.

It’s very important to keep in mind that people don’t buy from brands they don’t know. They buy from brands they recognize. If you are not trusted, nobody will buy from you. 

There are millions of businesses offering similar services as you. What makes you special? Find out and apply it to build brand awareness. The most important rule in branding is authenticity. Learning from other brands in your niche and taking their advice is excellent. You can keep yourself updated with what’s new in your industry to get inspired, but don’t copy them. Standing out of the crowd might be scary as hell at first, but authenticity has the overall benefits.

Brand awareness must be strategic if you want to be effective. 

No hacks. No bots. No paid liked or followers.

Now let’s start growing your Instagram profile:

1. Present yourself

Your profile’s bio is your business card. Treat it accordingly!

  • use your logo as your profile picture 
  • include your type of business in your name (example: JOCstudio / branding & marketing)
  • explain who you are (example: content architecture agency)
  • say what you do (example: creating stories and crafting experiences)
  • call to action (check out our website)
  • add your website or LinkedIn profile

2. Research your audience

Know who’s your audience and learn how to address it. Keep in mind that advertising must talk to human beings. Don’t design and don’t write for other creatives.

Now take care of your potential customers and respond to all your comments/messages. Why? Because people are more likely to engage/buy from responsive brands. Send audios instead of DMs.

Be personal. Engage. Not only with potential clients but also with people from similar businesses. This is how collaborations start.

3. Give expertise

After you picked your niche, and you know who you’re addressing, it’s time to start giving to your audience. Don’t be pushy with self-promotion. A business is all about solving people’s problems.

Awareness gives you recognition. But it does not get you belief. If you want people to believe in you, show your work, teach your expertise, and solve their problems. Focus on creating content for your dream customer. Align with your client’s values. Learn what they need and give expertise for free.

4. Be creative

Analyze your metrics through Instagram’s insights. Experiment with different mediums and find out what suits you.

Refine your content. Keep learning new tricks. Get better. Evolve. Dive right into creativity. This is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Being careful in a creative industry is synonymous with doing uninspired work. Creating great work enriches our souls. Now go out there and be outrageous.

5. Be consistent

You don’t have to wake up every morning and think about what you have to post that day. Create content in a batch on a day off. Then schedule posts with Buffer / Hootsuite / Creator Studio. Consistency is the key but this does not mean posting every day. Try to post content in your feed a few times per week. Post stories on daily basis.

Keep in mind to post only when you have something to give to your audience. Remember that overnight success doesn’t exist. And if it happens, it doesn’t last very long. Crave immortality, not 15 minutes of fame.

And remember that advertising is all about charming your client’s ass off.

Stop waiting for tomorrow. Start now!

Feel like you need to be pushed a little extra? Let’s chat on Instagram.

Your biggest fan,
Oana Corina Jelea.



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