Boo-st Your Brand With My Favorite Halloween Puns

Halloween is just one night, but a strong brand lasts forever!

Boo! Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means – marketers are brewing up some spooktacular ideas to send shivers down your spine (in a good way, of course).

As a fellow marketer, who’s also pretty obsessed with this holiday, I’ve come up with a list of Halloween puns from different brands that hopefully will tickle your funny bone.

Haunt your competition!

Let’s start with my absolute favorite one:

  • Burger King – “Come as a Clown, eat linke a King.” (2017)
[trolling McDonald’s with this pun – find the story here]

And now let’s continue with the list:

  • M&M’s – “Boo-tterscotch.” (2023)
  • Sour Patch Kids – “Zombie Sour Patch Kids.” (2023)
  • Budweiser – “This Halloween, don’t be a zombie. Drink responsibly.” (2012)
  • McDonald’s – “Get your fangs on our Halloween menu.”(2023)
  • Domino’s – “No bones about it, our Halloween pizza is spooktacular.” (2018)
  • Hulu – “Huluween” (2023)
  • Krispy Kreme – “Our doughnuts are a real treat, no tricks.” (2020)
  • Reese’s – “Don’t be afraid of the dark…chocolate.” (2019)
  • Skittles – “Taste the terror with our limited edition flavors.” (2018)
  • Subway – “Sink your teeth into our Halloween sub.” (2019)
  • Kit Kat – “Have a break, have a bat.” (2016)
  • Papa John’s – “Our pizza is a scream come true.” (2019)
  • Budweiser – “This Halloween, let’s raise some spirits.” (2022)
  • Twix – “Our candy is a double trouble treat.” (2013)

Ghosts just wanna have fun, and so do we!

That’s right, Halloween is here, and what better way to connect with your audience than by adding a dash of pun to your promotional potion? So, gather ’round, and check out some of my suggestions:

  • “Witchful Thinking”

When it comes to marketing, you’ve got to be a bit of a witch – always brewing up something magical. Craft some spellbinding copy and enchant your audience with wickedly good deals. After all, it’s all about witchful thinking!

  • “Creep It Real”

Halloween is all about authenticity, right? So why not encourage your customers to “creep it real” by staying true to themselves? Use this pun to inspire authentic content and show your customers that you value their individuality. Keep it spooky but sincere!

  • “Ghoul Power”

Remember the girl power movement? Well, how about “ghoul power”? This pun is perfect for celebrating strong, independent, and confident women in your marketing campaigns. Show them the respect they deserve, and you’ll have them howling with joy.

  • “Fangtastic Savings”

You’ve got a deal so good it’s almost vampiric! Sink your teeth into this pun and use it for advertising those irresistible discounts that will have your customers exclaiming, “I vant to save!”

  • “Mummy Knows Best”

Sometimes, customers need a guiding hand through the maze of choices. Let them know you’re there to help, and you’ve got the expertise they need. “Mummy knows best” is the ideal pun for positioning your brand as a trusted authority.

  • “Bone Appétit”

If your product is something your customers can devour, then don’t be afraid to serve it up with a side of humor. Make them laugh, and they’ll be more likely to take a bite. After all, who can resist the allure of “bone appétit”?

  • “Boo-tiful Designs”

Got a product or service that’s all about aesthetics? Use this pun to show off the beauty in your creations. Whether it’s graphic design, fashion, or interior decor, let your customers know they’re in for a “boo-tiful” experience.

  • “Wicked Good Service”

Deliver on your promises, and your customers will think of your service as “wicked good.” This pun works like a charm when you want to emphasize quality and reliability. After all, everyone loves a little wickedness now and then!

  • “Gourd-geous Products”

For all you sellers of beautiful, handcrafted, or eye-catching items, why not describe your products as “gourd-geous”? It’s a great way to playfully highlight their stunning attributes and make your customers smile.

  • “Scary-Good Customer Support”

Make sure your customers know that your support is so good, it’s scary. This pun is perfect for underlining your commitment to providing excellent customer service. Let them know that when they call, you’ll be ready to “scream” with delight and assist them.


Your brand is the pumpkin spice of Halloween – essential!

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Now, I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite marketing campaigns for Halloween? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s keep the spooky spirit alive!

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Your biggest fan,
Oana Corina Jelea.



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