How To Build A Website With JOCStudio. Useful Guidelines For Your Website.

 Your website is your online business card!

Just started a new business? Launching yourself as a professional? Then chances are you most probably need a website. If you have no idea what a website entails, we got you. Here’s a breakdown of the most common questions we get!

As we like to say, your website is your online business card. Sure, it’s highly advisable to be present on the social media platforms relevant to your industry, but if you want to be professional, you need your own place on the world wide web. And it can go way beyond just being your branded, personalized presentation – it can be the place where you gather your audience off social media (ever thought about what would happen to your audience if Facebook or Instagram go down?). It can be your personal blog, your newsletter, a shop for your products/services or just the straightforward and easy way to reach you.

Can I have a personalised web address?

Of course, you can! (provided it’s not already taken)

A domain name is made up of your chosen word(s), for example, your name or your brand’s name and the domain extension (like .com or .ro), like so:

There are a ton of domain extensions available now, so that we can be creative. Our favourite is incorporating your brand name using the extension! Some examples:   

Friendly advice: double-check that your domain name doesn’t unintentionally read as something else when we leave out the spaces between the words, lest you end up like these poor lads.

Can I have more than one language on my site?

Surely, it’s a common necessity by now. We’ve already successfully launched multilingual sites, even in languages we don’t speak! Choose your languages and let us install them.

Do I need to write everything?

Not if you don’t feel like it. We have dedicated copywriters on our team just waiting to craft the details of your story! We just need to have a call with you, get a sense of your brand’s tone of voice, and then we can start producing the required texts for your website or even periodical content, such as industry-specific blog articles or presentations. Same for Social Media; leave the typing to us!

Ok, ok, but what’s it gonna cost me?

If you have already started checking out available domain names, you might have seen they come at a price. Not a big one, but it’s a recurrent cost. That means if you want to keep your domain once you buy it, you’ll have to keep paying every year or a couple of years.

Average domain name cost: between 10 – 20 euro/year

Another recurrent cost will be the hosting space – in other words, the place where the files of your website will actually be stored. Now there are a bunch of Web hosting providers, and we make sure to work with the ones that give you the speed and configuration your site needs for the least buck!

Average web hosting cost: between 50 – 200 eur /year

Last but not least, you’ll need to pay someone to actually build your website, and we’re happy to help here! This is a once-in-a-lifetime cost, and we can assist you from thinking about the best domain name until the day of the launch, even 3 months after launch, to make sure everything is running smoothly!

Depending on your business needs and goals with the website, we can create a personalised offer for you. Just go on here and request a quote directly!

Can I edit/update it myself after the launch?

Suppose that’s something you want, of course! Just let us know and we’ll make sure the site is easily editable based on your skill level. We can also provide editing documentation specific to your website, as instructional videos or a .pdf. Our web designer is always happy to share the secrets of WordPress!

What if I don’t want to take care of maintenance myself?

You’re in luck – we offer discounted maintenance packages for websites we’ve built, so you don’t have to worry about anything! Our packages include options for minor changes or additions, translation check-ups, uptime monitoring, optimization and security.

Need another reason to work with us?

We can take care of your branding, website and social media

That’s right; we’re an all-inclusive package agency. If you’re just starting, we recommend opting for the full range of services to be sure you have brand and visual coherence across all your platforms. We like to start with the branding, discover your main character, strengths and expression, and lay down the visual foundation – from the first logo versions to the finer details that will make your brand recognizable. Our skilled digital and traditional artists on-team can lend a hand if your brand style could benefit from some illustration magic.

Then we move on to building the website, making sure to apply all the brand guidelines we’ve established before. Meanwhile, we prepare your social media presence, using your tone of voice and brand visuals, so that everything is ready for the big launch! We stick around after with personalised social media posting calendars, website maintenance and updates and just good ol’ cheer.

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