Building Thought Leadership In An AI-Generated Content Feed. How To Index Your Name Faster

You never really recover from burnout.

In the last couple of years, I have insisted on the importance of building a personal brand and using platforms like Linkedin to showcase your value to the world. Last year, I emphasized this in an article published by Brand mentions, where marketing experts shared their advice and recommendations. 

Building Thought Leadership in an AI-generated content feed has become a top differentiator among content creators and entrepreneurs. It’s a no-brainer and shouldn’t be an AHA moment, either. 

But what makes it even more valuable is how useful thought leadership is when you want to index your name on search engines.

Building Thought Leadership in an AI-generated content feed has become a top differentiator.

How to index your name on search engines and make Gen-AI tools your friend

I have this thing where I google my name every month. I look at it as house cleaning. Check if anyone has used my name or picture without my approval or if I was mentioned somewhere, and of course, check if my content has been indexed, what images are indexed, the main socials associated with my name, and so on. 

Is it a surprise that most of my indexed content comes from Linkedin? No. 

I post daily, use hashtags, keep my profile updated, and actively engage with others’ content. No surprise there, but it’s a great use case to analyze.

If you run a business and your website includes your first and last name, being active on platforms that rely on users sharing content should become your main priority. 

Building a personal brand is especially important when your business carries your name. 

If your website is, you should ensure your name is everywhere. 

Do you want to build thought leadership? Start writing content on platforms that search engines index. 

Look at it as link building, if you want. 

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Building a personal brand is especially important when your business carries your name.

SEO tips for indexing your name on Google and tools like PerplexityAI

I will keep this one super easy and straightforward to follow. 

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile to the smallest detail. 
  2. Start posting content daily for at least three months (weekends are no exception).
  3. Engage with your network’s content. If their posts get indexed, your comment gets indexed, too. Trust me. 
  4. Create accounts on well-indexed platforms like Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram.
  5. Find websites that accept Guest Blogging and start writing for them under your name.
  6. Every picture you post publicly allows you to add the ALT TEXT. Make sure you squeeze your name in there as well. 

Tools like PerplexityAI and ChatGPT will use these platforms as references, and you want your name indexed on several platforms, like in the example below.

Building Thought Leadership in an AI-generated content feed jocstudio stefana sopco

Building thought leadership requires consistency.

This requires you to stay consistent. If you need help, you know where to find us. 

Meanwhile, go ahead and google your name. See what pops up. You can also google mine for the sake of the exercise and see how it got indexed as well.

If you want to talk some more, we’re waiting for your DM on Instagram.

With care for your brand,
Stefana Sopco.



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