How To Stay Motivated As A Small Business Owner

A big business starts small!

As an entrepreneur, you’re faced with challenges of every magnitude daily, and it’s hard not to experience anxiety. You might feel like you need to generate more viable ideas, get more clients, or things may not work out the way you want them to. Staying motivated is vital! The more motivated you are, the more forward-moving momentum you will create. We all have a trigger that will push us into productive mode. So let’s find yours.

Know your why

Losing perspective can be a significant motivation issue. Bring clarity to your thinking by revisiting your business purpose and vision since they underpin everything you do. Go back to the real, “Why did I set up my business in the first place?”. Thinking about your “why” will push you to take action. Remembering that it’s about more than just paying the bills or being your own boss will reignite your enthusiasm.

Motivate yourself

If you are wondering where’s the excitement from when you started your business, rest assured it hasn’t wandered far. Motivation is a continuous practice of fuelling your fire daily and employing processes, technologies and people that enable you to operate at your best. Looking back at where you started is an excellent reminder of how far along you have come. Seek inspiration from your own success!

Overcome perfectionism

The perfectionist in you can be good. But there’s also the risk of letting that mindset take over. When that happens, nothing is good enough, skewing your idea of what a job well-done looks like. And there’s an endless cycle of trying to perfect things without taking definitive action. While it’s necessary to weigh the pros and cons of major decisions, creativity is critical to your success, which means accepting some element of risk.

Plan ahead

We often feel demotivated because we fear the uncertainties waiting for us. You, too, might feel scared to move forward due to negative thoughts about your future. The best way to combat this is to plan for negative scenarios. One of the main concerns can be running into monetary losses. You can combat this by building multiple income streams to help you fund your business even during tough times.

Reward yourself

A survey of 515 small business owners by Xero found that 57% had not taken a holiday for more than a year, while 23% were without a break in two years. Check-in with yourself. Reward yourself for accomplishing a goal or maintaining a good habit. Ignoring the signs of stress and overload can harm your health and your business. Book that holiday you’ve been dreaming of, or schedule time to indulge in your hobbies.

Seek inspiration

Small business owners are known for being able to keep going against all odds, but you don’t have to face your challenges alone. Having a network of small business owners to talk to can be an invaluable support system. You can give each other advice and feedback. It’s also helpful to read about successful entrepreneurs and hear about the challenges they have faced while building their businesses.

You didn't come this far only to come this far!

Fear can alter our perception of reality! Agree? Anxiety is lowering our awareness and narrowing our perception. The more we fear, the smaller our life becomes. If you want to read some more about fear of failure in your career check out my article about my story over here.

Running a small business takes a lot of work since the journey is full of uncertainty and rough patches. And while mastering self-motivation can benefit your career, productivity, health, and more, the most significant benefit to implementing the habit may be your outlook on life.

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