Avoiding Freelancer Burnout

Freelancer burnout is real!

I really wish I could say that freelancing is the next best thing after chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. But I’d pretty much lie to you! Okay, freelancing is indeed the absolute best choice for me as it completes my lifestyle, but at the same time, it can also sometimes quickly become very unhealthy. So let’s talk about avoiding freelance burnout!

I have the flexibility to work from anywhere, I create my schedule, and I get the freedom to pick the kind of work I want to do. No-fuss, no muss!

But slowly, work can start taking up too much of my time, and I find myself spending less time with friends and family, forgetting all about my hobbies and working until 3 am.

Burnout might sometimes be challenging to diagnose. But it isn’t impossible to realize when going through this psychological condition if you start experiencing work aversion, reduced productivity, mood swings, exhaustion, and even headaches.

So why do you experience burnout, and how can you avoid it?

Overbooking yourself

If you are overloaded with work, go ahead and ask yourself: “Do I have time and energy to take on a new project?”. If you’re not sure, then just don’t do it. Remember that you are in total control of your tasks!

Unreasonable deadlines

Freelancers often commit to deadlines that aren’t feasible. And the less time you have to complete your work, the more likely you will experience burnout. So stay true to yourself and your clients regarding timelines!

Unhealthy boundaries

Sure, there’s the occasional deadline that can have you pulling a late-night or working on a Saturday, but those should be exceptions, not the rule!

Payment anxiety

Late invoice payments can also make life a little tricky. So to reduce the stress of not being paid on time by your next client, you can ask your customers for upfront payments.

Avoiding delegation

If you don’t like delegating work to others, you will soon be exhausted by doing everything yourself. Learn to organize yourself and everyone from your team.


Working without a live team means you might miss a psychological buffer against stress. To beat the blues, socialize with your co-workers as much as possible. Slack & Zoom are your best friends.

Self-care is a priority!

Burn that burnout while showing yourself some love!

Freelance work is on the rise. And so are its bad habits! If you want to read about the insignificat things that become the most significant while working from home, check out our article here.

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