Bad Remote Work Habits

Insignificant things can become the most significant.

Working from home is still on the rise. And so are its bad habits! Never before have we witnessed such widespread adoption of remote work. And it’s no more a temporary arrangement. This trend is here to stay!

Let’s explore the bad remote work habits that could be inhibiting your well-being — and, as a result, impacting your overall performance.

Sleeping habits

Sleeping in late or staying up until the small hours might seem attractive at first, but research proves otherwise. Irregular sleeping habits can lead to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, among others. This is why maintaining a regular sleep schedule is ultra important.

Time management

Now that we’re in it for the long haul, it’s time to designate your workspace. You deserve to have a private area! Then, learning to manage your time takes practice, but there are plenty of tools like Tomato Time, that help track your time and maximize productivity.

Checking phone

Checking your social media accounts from your phone is a huge time suck. Understandably, you cannot get tired of checking new photo updates or finding out what your friends are doing, but this habit is eating a significant chunk of your productive time.

Eating habits

As a recovering snacker, I understand how it’s hard to tear yourself away from your laptop to go cook a meal rather than eat some chocolate. Apart from the obvious health-related issues, snacking on too much processed food will only give you short-lived energy boosts.

Working overtime

I’m still guilty of this one. A study by Buffer shows that 22% of remote workers struggle to incorporate free time into their schedules. Do you have to reply to your emails at 00:23 on a Sunday morning? Give yourself some breaks and unplug from technology.

Be your best remote self!

On the other hand, about one in six people indicated they that hadn’t picked up any bad habits since making the transition to a home office setting. Who are these exemplary employees? We need you to teach us your ways!

Whether you’re working from home a few days per week or full time, it’s important to ensure that you are set up to be productive. Read our tips and tricks about working from home here.

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