Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends

Social media is crucial to building a positive brand experience.

Instagram is an ever-evolving community with more than 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million of which check the platform every day. With such a large user base, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. But by focusing on effective trends you’ll be able to sustain a marketing strategy that gets your followers excited.

Less is more

Be more mindful about what you post. This may even mean posting less regardless of algorithms. Giving value to your audience takes the stage! So ensure that your content is eye-catching and tells a story. Be present and relatable!

Snackable content

Social media attention spans continue to shrink. Easily digestible content has the purpose of giving a lot of value without spending too much time looking at it. So inspire, educate or entertain your audience with short-form or “snackable” pieces of content like Reels or carousels! 

Reels keep rising

Video consumption continues to grow. Reels is a great option to capitalize on TikTok-style content. Even if you don’t create content on TikTok, it’s still important to stay up to date with the platform. You can then be one of the first creators to launch TikTok trends on Instagram Reels.

Live and about

Instagram Live has skyrocketed in 2020 where usage increased by 70% in a single month (April). This content is still on the rise because it will keep your audience engaged by allowing them to attend a side of you they otherwise might not be able to see.

Authenticity wins

Consumers and brands are still going through a global pandemic and uncertain times. We all feel the need to identify with other users. Now more than ever! Be real, authentic, and human on social media. Invite the world to your dinner table for meaningful and engaging conversations.

Stop waiting for tomorrow. Start now!

So if you now feel ready to start applyin these trends in order to increase engagement on social media, we’ll give you a hand over here.

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