How to create target audience personas

How To Create Target Audience Personas

Let’s start by defining what a target audience persona is. Think of it as creating your own imaginary friend, but with a purpose. It’s a fictional character that represents a segment of your target audience based on research, data, and insights.

The Future Of Branding JOCstudio jelea oana

The Future Of Branding

As we hurtle towards the future, it’s clear that branding is going to be more important than ever. So, let’s take a look at some of the trends that are going to shape the world of branding in the years ahead.

The Psychology Of Consumer Behavior JOCstudio jelea oana

The Psychology Of Consumer Behavior

From those impulse buys we all know and love (or hate, depending on how much guilt you feel after), to the unwavering brand loyalty some people seem to have, the psychology of consumer behavior is a never-ending source of intrigue and frustration.

How To Build An Online Community jocstudio jelea oana

How To Build An Online Community

Having an online community is like having your own personal cheering squad! As a creator or business owner, it’s important to have a place where your fans and customers can connect with you and each other.

marketing and business influencers jocstudio jelea oana

11 Stars of Business and Marketing

Say goodbye to the endless stream of food pics on social media and hello to the business and marketing influencers! These wizards of the online world are here to help you take your business from snooze-fest to a success story.