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Top Content Creators By Forbes

For the first time, Forbes has released Top Creators List 2022, ranking social media content creators. They listed 50 influencers, including a dog, who all exceled in the world of social media.


How To Improve Digital Customer Experience

Your customers have high expectations, and if your business can’t meet them, they ain’t staying! Do you think it sounds harsh? The truth is that in addition to getting a product or service that works for clients, they also want to buy from companies that make it easy to get help when needed.


Let’s Talk Social Impact

You probably keep hearing businesses claiming, “we’re making a social impact”. Or customers say, “I prefer to shop from companies who make a difference”,… but what do they mean? And how can everyone make a social impact?

instagram brand

How To Build Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram has demonstrated enormous growth, with its community reaching over 2 billion monthly users in 2021. If you want to be recognizable and stand out from other Instagrammers, you need to build a brand on this platform. So start posting. It doesn’t have to be perfect all day, every day.

avoiding freelancer burnout

Avoiding Freelancer Burnout

I really wish I could say that freelancing is the next best thing after chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. But I’d pretty much lie to you! Okay, freelancing is indeed the absolute best choice for me as it completes my lifestyle, but at the same time, it can also sometimes quickly become very unhealthy. So let’s talk about avoiding freelance burnout!